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Why Your Habits may be Keeping You Stuck


Why do some people seem to flow through life with ease and grace while others struggle?


Hi my name is Jenn I am a holistic Registered nurse


The one thing I learned is that to be happy a person needs to find balance in body

emotions mind and spirit

(I struggled with this for years)- I believed because I was exercising daily and eating organic foods

I was healthy and balanced. It wasn’t until I learned to also balance my other states of


I found true happiness

If you know someone who may be struggling like I was then share this information 

Let's help each other



   Jennifer Hodgson is a holistic Registered Nurse. author, public speaker and an alternative practitioner,    She is passionate about coaching and guiding people to maintain or regain optimal health and wellness. By Understanding Consciousness and balancing  body emotions mind and spirit you can truly obtain  harmony. 



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